Q. What if I am applying for the first time, but I’m not a senior in high school?

A. Students submitting an initial application must apply within six years of graduating from Toledo High School. A transcript from Toledo High School must be submitted with application as proof of attendance and completion within the six years.

Q. Do I have to send in an official transcript with my renewal application?

A. Both official and unofficial transcripts are acceptable to submit with renewal applications.

Q. Spring term/semester isn’t over when applications are due. Do I wait until spring term/semester is over to send in my transcript with my application?

A. If your spring term/semester isn’t complete until after the application deadline, do not wait until your grades come out. Send in your most recent transcript for the application and send in your spring grades when available.

Q. When am I supposed to send in my grades?

Grades need to be sent in as soon as each term/semester is over. It is required that we verify your grades have met the minimum GPA requirement and full time status before the next term/semester’s money can be sent out. Please note that this includes turning in grades after spring term/semester. Renewal applicants can not receive funding for fall term/semester until the minimum GPA has been verified from the previous spring term/semester.

Q. What qualifies as community service?

A. Students can visit Toledo High School explaining their experiences in classes, living conditions, study habits, college life in general, etc. Students can also volunteer time in the Toledo area. For example, you can volunteer to work (without pay): on the Summer Festival, as a summer baseball league official, at the public library, etc.

Q. Can I submit a late application?

Late applications are accepted; however, applicants that submit late applications are placed on a waiting list. Should recipients choose to forego attending school, students on the waitlist will be contacted in the order that applications were received.

Q. Do I need to notify the Richardson Scholarship if I decide I am not going to attend school for a year/term/semester?

A. Yes. It is necessary for you to inform the scholarship if you have chosen not to attend school. This gives other students on the waitlist an opportunity to receive funding.

Q. Do I need to notify the Richardson Scholarship if I change addresses or schools?

A. Yes. If you change addresses without notifying the scholarship, you may not receive renewal applications and other information from the scholarship.

If you are changing schools, it is required to notify the scholarship so that you receive funding in a timely manner.

Q. What happens if I drop below 12 credits?

A. Please follow the procedure of turning in your grades after the term/semester ends. You will receive a portion of your funding for the following term/semester based on the amount of credits you completed. For example, if you completed 7 credits, you will receive 7/12 of your award for the term/semester.

Q. What happens if I drop below a 2.0 GPA?

A. Follow the procedure of turning in your grade after the term/semester ends. You will not receive funding for the following terms/semesters until your grades are back up to a 2.0 GPA. Once your grades are up to the minimum requirement, you will need to send in your transcript to confirm your GPA

Interested in Applying for the Richardson Memorial Scholarship?

The once a year deadline for all applicants is June 1st with July 15th as the due date for all transcripts.

Learn about the Scholarship Mission Statement and Guidelines and verify your eligibility, then complete and submit the Scholarship Application Form.