Mission Statement

The proceeds of this trust are to be used for the expressed purpose of enhancing the educational opportunities for Toledo High School students beyond high school. It is intended that one of the effects of this program will be to further expand the educational possibilities available to students within the Toledo High School attendance area. This will be accomplished by supporting in both a financial and an educational sense, a student’s effort to continue his/her education beyond high school. Recognizing the increasing importance of education in providing access to knowledge and skills necessary for survival in today’s world and that of the future, we seek to guarantee participation in some form of post-secondary education for any student in the Toledo High School system who desires it. No student will be denied an award on the basis of race, creed, gender or age.



Any Toledo High School graduate who is/was a resident student within the past six years is eligible to apply for this scholarship. See guideline number two. “Resident Student” is defined as a student whose parent(s) reside(d) within the Toledo High School attendance area. A student whose parents live outside this area may choose to attend Toledo High School, and if so, may be considered as an applicant for scholarship funds. In any event, the “non-resident” student would have to attend Toledo High School for a time equal to the requirements noted below in guideline number 3, in order to be allowed to apply for support under this scholarship. Students attending Toledo High School on an exchange program will not be eligible.


A student must submit an initial application for funding within six years of graduation from Toledo High School and complete schooling within 12 years of graduation from Toledo High School.


Applicants must be graduates of Toledo High School and have attended Toledo High School at least two years to qualify for the scholarship. Scholarships to students attending Toledo High School less than four years will be prorated.


Students must attend an accredited public or private post-secondary institution or trade school in order to qualify for funds. The Toledo High School Principal will make “Accreditation” decisions.


Upon verification of acceptance and completion of the enrollment process, payment from the fund will be made in the name of the student payable directly to the institution of choice.

  • Programs whose entire duration is less than 5 months will be funded in two payments, one-half of the award at the beginning of the program and the other one-half of the award upon producing proof of completion.

The initial payment will be made at the beginning of the first term/semester of enrollment. Subsequent payments will be made at the start of each term/semester of enrollment upon your prior term/semester grades being mailed to U.S. Bank Charitable Services Group.

  • Continuing eligibility will be based on the satisfactory progress of the student. For the purpose of eligibility determination, “satisfactory progress” is defined as the maintenance of a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale. A student will lose support any time the student’s cumulative GPA falls below 2.0.

NOTE: GPA calculations will be based on courses completed for which a letter grade is given. For programs for which grades are not given, verification of satisfactory progress is required on school letterhead.


Grants are limited to 12 quarters or 8 semesters of full-time attendance (or its equivalent) at a post-secondary institution. Students must reapply for funding each year.

  • Summer School counts as a semester or term for purposes of determining eligibility for grants.
  • Any student who has exhausted benefits from the fund or who has exceptional need may apply in writing to the committee for support.

The amount and payment of the grant is predicted on an academic year of three quarters or two semesters.


In addition to the regular annual award, additional awards may be made for attendance at summer school sessions, based on application to the committee and availability of funds.

  • Application for summer school can be made on the regular scholarship application and may be made for just summer school or for summer school in addition to the regular school year awards.
  • Please clearly state on application that you are applying for an award for summer school and whether such application is for just the summer school award or for the regular school year award and a summer school award.

The once a year deadline for all applicants is June 1st with July 15th as the due date for all transcripts. The applicants will be notified by the end of July of their status. The minimum grant amount will be established annually with the amount based on the total number of applications as of June 1st and the anticipated earnings of the trust.

  • Late applications after June 1st will be accepted but put on a waiting list. If an opening occurs, applications will be considered in the order received to fill the approved number of scholarship awards.

Each student who receives an award from the Bob Richardson Memorial Scholarship fund will be required to do community service and submit a community service verification form to U.S. Bank Charitable Services Group within the first year of receiving the scholarship. Failure to do so will result in the loss of funding until requirements are met. During this time the student is to visit Toledo High School telling others about their experiences (good or bad), classes, living conditions, study habits, college life in general, etc. This service may also be done by volunteering time in the Toledo area. For example, you can volunteer to work (without pay): on the Summer Festival, as a summer baseball league official, at the public library, etc.


Determination of full-time or part-time status is based on:

  1.  The number of credits enrolled for in the current term/semester, or
  2.  The status of the recipient at the end of the previous term/semester.

If a student enrolls for only six quarter credits (12 credits being established as a “full” load), the student would receive only 6/12 (1/2) of the funding available for full time enrollment. If a student is paid for 12 credits and completes only 6 credits during the term/semester, the student would receive only 6/12 of the eligible scholarship for the following term/semester.


Unused or returned scholarship funds will be refunded directly to the scholarship fund.

Scholarship Application Deadline:

The once a year deadline for all applicants is June 1st with July 15th as the due date for all transcripts.

To apply, complete and submit the Scholarship Application Form.